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Vertigo Treatment Vancouver WA

Vertigo Treatment

Vertigo Treatment Vancouver WA

For professional vertigo treatment, Vancouver WA residents trust Yoder Chiropractic Center for an effective and drug free solution to their vertigo. Vertigo can be incredibly disabling, and it doesn’t just cause a feeling of spinning or dizziness. This condition may also cause sweating, nausea, and vomiting, having a negative impact on your daily life and ability to perform the activities you enjoy. It often isn’t permanent, though, and we can help. Our team is proud to offer a wide range of chiropractic and massage therapy services to those who need it.

What causes Vertigo?

One of the most common types of vertigo is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). This is caused by an inner ear condition, that can bring about severe but brief episodes of vertigo. Though drugs may help treat the symptoms, they do not help address the calcium buildup in the inner ear that causes this type of vertigo. Other conditions that cause vertigo include Meniere’s disease, labyrinthitis, and acute vestibular neuronitis, as well as certain medications.

Get effective vertigo treatment tailored for you.

Vertigo Treatment Vancouver Washington
At Yoder Chiropractic we perform a detailed intake that allows us to diagnose and pinpoint the condition causing your vertigo. We’ll speak with you in-depth to get a full case history and physical examination. We may perform a neurological examination as well. Depending on the cause of your vertigo, treatment Vancouver WA patients receive will vary. Our practice focuses on the patient, and we know that just like you, your treatment needs to be individualized. Treating the symptoms with medication provides short term relief that can come with severe side effects. That’s like trading one condition for another. We’ll identify the best vertigo treatment for you, addressing the underlying condition in order to provide lasting, drug free relief from vertigo.

When vertigo is caused by BPPV there are certain repositioning maneuvers that have proven very effective. This vertigo treatment involves techniques like the Semont or Epley Maneuver that re-position the calcium carbonate crystals in your inner ear using gravity. This may be paired with vestibular rehabilitation exercises you can do at home. A majority of patients remain symptom free after treatment, and no longer suffer from dizziness, balance issues, and other symptoms associated with vertigo.

Other types of vertigo like Cervicogenic Vertigo can be caused by improperly moving joints. These often occur in the upper neck, and problematic motion patterns cause the brain to receive misinformation concerning the body’s position in space. Vertigo treatment, Vancouver, WA patients benefit from may include chiropractic manipulation that focuses on the joints sending incorrect messages to the brain.

Your Vertigo Treatment Professionals

Our extensive experience means you’ll get the most effective, personalized vertigo treatment available. Dr. Yoder received his Lower Columbia College Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic West, and has dedicated himself to practicing the same wellness tenants he advises for patients. We’ll identify the best natural treatment for your condition, and refer you if we believe your vertigo type will not be substantially improved with chiropractic treatment.

For safe, all-natural vertigo treatment, Vancouver, WA relies on us, call (360) 254-0994 or Contact Us to schedule an appointment today.

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