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Herniated Disc Treatment Vancouver WA

Herniated Disc Treatment

A herniated disc sometimes spelled “herniated disk” causes pain in the sufferer that can range from mild to extreme. No matter where your discomfort lies, or how long you’ve had it, herniated disc treatment in Vancouver, WA from Yoder Chiropractic Center can help. We work extensively with patients who have found chiropractic manipulation provides lasting relief without the use of drugs.

What is a herniated disc?

Herniated Disc Treatment Vancouver WA

The discs in your spinal column provide cushioning between the vertebrae that make up your spine. A herniated disc, also called a ruptured disc or slipped disc, occurs when some of the cushioning material within a disc pushes out through a crack in the discs’ exterior. It can arise from several problems, including nerve irritation that can cause numbness and pain, or weaknesses in a leg or arm. Surgery should always be a last resort.

Symptoms of a herniated disc

  • Weakness – Without herniated disc treatment, Vancouver, WA citizens can suffer from weakened muscles. Nerves attached to affected muscles may lose density and strength. It can impair walking, lifting, and holding.
  • Tingling and Numbness – Tingling and numbness may occur in the body part of the affected nerve control. For example, if a herniated disk is pushing on nerves connected to a hand, pain may present in the fingers.
  • Leg or Arm Pain – When a herniated disc occurs in the lower back, intense pain can present in the calf, thigh, and buttocks. Pain can also occur in portions of the foot. When a disc herniation occurs in the neck, the pain will focus on the arms and shoulders. Sneezing or specific movements can exacerbate this, causing pain in your legs and arms.

Local Herniated Disc Treatment in Vancouver, WA

Herniated Disc Treatment Vancouver Washington
If you’ve experienced any symptoms, the time for effective herniated disc treatment in Vancouver, WA, is now. Our caring chiropractors and massage therapists have trained in a variety of techniques that provide drug-free, long-lasting relief. You deserve mobility and life without pain. We can help.

Diagnosing a herniated disc

Diagnosis – We always perform a full diagnosis to pinpoint the cause of your back pain. In-take will involve a complete medical history, examination, and x-rays, and electromyograms may be required. With decades of experience, Dr. Yoder has become one of Vancouver, WA’s leading herniated disc treatment experts. We combine practical medicine with the latest technology to bring you the most well rounded, advanced drug-free herniated disc treatment available.

Drug-Free Herniated Disc Treatment

Our treatment methods vary from patient to patient. Depending on which vertebrae the herniated disc is cushioning and what nerves are being affected, we may recommend a single or combination of treatments. With an advanced chiropractor and multiple massage therapists on staff, our successes speak for themselves.

If you’ve been experiencing disc-related pain, don’t wait a day longer to seek effective herniated disc treatment in Vancouver, WA. Our facility is state of the art, we treat our patients as individuals, and our results are proven. Call (360) 254-0994 or Contact Us today.

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