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Sports Injury Chiropractor Vancouver WA

Your Clark County Sports Injury Chiropractor

Sports Injury Chiropractor Vancouver Wa

Sports injuries can occur at any time. Every sport carries the risk of injury and can impact any joint, soft tissue, or muscle. Tearing and wear damage can occur over time, but that doesn’t mean healing can’t begin immediately. As your sports injury chiropractor in Vancouver, WA, Yoder Chiropractic provides effective, safe, and drug-free treatment options for your sports-related trauma.

Treatable and Common Sports Injuries Include:

  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Groin Sprain
  • Hip Flexor Strain
  • Injured Achilles tendons
  • Ligament Strain and Sprains
  • MLC, ACL, PCL, LCL Tears
  • Patella Tracking Problems
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Rotator Cuff Issues
  • Shoulder Pain and Disorders
  • Tennis Elbow

Classifying Your Pain 

We treat two common types of injury more than any other. Patients with these conditions can significantly benefit from a sports injury chiropractor. Vancouver is an active city, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in pain. If you suffer from one of the following types, there’s truly no better time than now to seek help.

Traumatic injuries occur suddenly. They may cause extreme pain or inhibit a body part’s ability to bear weight or freely move.

Overuse injuries are typically related to repetition from movement or strain. The pain is usually dull and continual and can occur before, after, and during exercise and sports activities.

Your Trusted Local Sports Injury Chiropractor

Any type of physical trauma can cause your body to have an immunological response. Joint inflammation and reduced mobility are often caused by swelling and tissue damage. The swelling prevents the tissue’s ability to heal. Through a chiropractic adjustment, we can restore mobility and circulation to your joints, reducing stiffness and discomfort. This reduction in swelling allows your stiff joints and muscles to move freely, allowing your body to heal itself naturally.

The Benefits of Seeing a Sports Injury Chiropractor

  • Alleviate PainWhether acute or chronic pain, it is one of our patients’ most prevalent concerns. Our treatments reduce and even eliminate sports-related soreness and discomfort.
  • Improve Mobility – If your range of motion has been negatively affected, our chiropractors can help return your body to its full range of motion.
  • Natural HealingOur physical and massage therapy sessions heal you naturally without the use of drugs or medications. We don’t mask the symptoms when we can heal them.

Finding Relief with Our Healing Process

Residents in Vancouver rely on us for effective, lasting treatment. Chiropractic treatment of sports injuries is an efficient way to heal joint inflammation and soft tissue damage, as well as aid your entire body in healing itself. We use an evidence-based, holistic approach to provide non-invasive, non-surgical therapies that treat your problem from a number of angles. When addressing a new issue, we begin with:

Find a Diagnosis

Isolating the source of your pain allows your chiropractor to identify associated systemic causes.

Develop a Treatment Plan

Treating affected areas may include a variety of methods that improve function and eliminate pain.

Identify Preventative Measures

Identifying the actions that led to treatment allows for corrections to be made to prevent future injuries.

Seeking a Sports Injury Chiropractor Near Me?

In addition to sports medicine-related chiropractic care, we can help you achieve your health goals, provide general wellness care, and relieve pain from a variety of other issues, including whiplash, auto accident injuries, and herniated discs.

When you want a natural solution to your sports-related issue, let our medical team guide you on the path to health. Let’s get you back into playing shape! Call or contact us today for sports chiropractic services in Vancouver, WA.

Sports Injury Chiropractor Near Me Vancouver Wa
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