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Pediatric Chiropractor Vancouver WA

Pediatric Chiropractor

Pediatric Chiropractor Vancouver WA

Our holistic approach will get your child on track to becoming the healthiest they can be!

Let us help you! Many people do not think of chiropractic care when planning a child’s routine wellness exam. However, a Pediatric chiropractor can make a positive impact on a child’s growth and physical development. As a dedicated, gentle chiropractic clinic in Vancouver, WA, Yoder Chiropractic Center is devoted to your child’s well being.

Pediatric chiropractor services can begin right after birth. An infant goes through a lot of stress during the birthing process. A pediatric adjustment can relieve misalignment that occurs as a result. Continuing with regular chiropractor treatment keeps an infant, and then a child, on track for healthy development. It can help avoid health complications down the road.

Symptoms a Pediatric Chiropractor treats

  • Difficulties in breastfeeding
  • Restricted head and neck movement or reduced mobility
  • One leg appears more extended than the other
  • One shoulder appears higher than the other
  • An area of the head that seems flattened
  • Unexplained irritability
  • Scoliosis

Child Pediatric Chiropractor Vancouver WA

Many childhood symptoms go unnoticed until the child is older, and the misalignment or other problem becomes apparent. At that point, the issue has often gotten much worse than it would have with early preventative pediatric chiropractor care. By then, there is often a loss of function, impeding a child’s lifestyle and well being.

We have the experience and understanding to ease pediatric spinal issues. We can calm your child’s fears of a visit to the doctor. All our staff remains dedicated to caring for your child’s health and happiness from the moment you walk in our door. Whether you seek a car accident chiropractor or you need Massage Therapy for your child, we stay prepared to help you and your loved ones out.

The spine, as a significant part of your child’s nervous system, has a substantial impact on his or her health. Keeping the spine’s structure healthy and natural can make so much difference in the development of a child.

That is why the Yoder Pediatric Chiropractor Vancouver WA is dedicated to an ongoing wellness plan for your child.

Pediatric Chiropractor Vancouver WA & Adjustment Questions

Over many decades, chiropractic care and techniques have evolved into a process that allows gentle and precise correction to the body. These spinal adjustments remove nerve interference, which can cause pain, and even worse, loss of bodily function. We are the choice for Pediatric Chiropractor Vancouver WA and treatment for children.

Pediatric Chiropractor care in Vancouver, WA, should be an integral part of your overall health and wellness plan, as regular chiropractic care will allow you as an adult to reach your full potential. It is just as true for children, considering the considerable amount of physical stress endured by an infant during the birthing process, and is why your children should have pediatric chiropractic care adjustments.

How Do I Know If My Child Needs a Pediatric Chiropractor Vancouver WA?

Most Pediatric Chiropractor Vancouver WA, and health care professionals at large, believe in the value of routine physical examinations, starting from the day you were born and continuing throughout your life. By having a Pediatric Chiropractor examine your child, subluxations can get addressed immediately, ensuring proper muscular development. At the same time, midwives and birthing nurses recommend and perform regular wellness examinations at predetermined intervals to make sure that your child is as healthy as possible. Pediatric chiropractors also recommend that parents do not wait until they observe warning signs before considering chiropractic care and a spinal examination.

There are many signs that a child could benefit from pediatric chiropractor care and adjustments; however, many of these signs go unnoticed or are down-played as being “normal.” That couldn’t be further from the truth, and if these problems are diagnosed and addressed early, it is unlikely that there will be long-term health consequences.

Common Signs That a Child Needs Pediatric Chiropractor Care & Adjustments
  • Breastfeeding difficulties at a young age, such as difficulties attaching during feeding, or preferring to feed only on one side
  • Restricted head or neck movement and mobility
  • Flattened head, either at the back of the head or on one side
  • One shoulder higher positioned higher than the other
  • One leg appears longer than another
  • Reoccurring viral infections, such as ear infection

We firmly believe that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” By addressing spinal issues with pediatric chiropractic care while your child is still developing will help ensure that their development is on-track and without complications.

If your child is already experiencing symptoms or—even better, before that happens—contact us.

Call (360) 254-0994 to schedule an appointment for a Pediatric Chiropractor today. Or fill out our contact form.

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