Our Chiropractic Services

Thank you for your interest! Here at Yoder Chiropractic Center we take a holistic approach to your well being and will work with you using a variety of proven methods to get you feeling the best you ever have. Please start by clicking below on your service area of interest. If you are not sure where to start simply fill out the form to the left to have one of our professionals contact you to start your evaluation.


Our Chiropractic Services Include

What can you count on when you come to our office? In a nutshell you will be dealing with experienced and trained Vancouver WA Chiropractor who have a desire to completely heal you.

We do not seek to just manage our client’s pain. Its our goal that all of them reach their maximum potential as far as their physical health goes. One of the ways we can detect what is causing you pain is through a thorough exam and by focused x-rays. Time is then spent analyzing all of the data we get and then outlining a detailed plan with the patient to solve his or her problem.

We attempt to educate every patient we receive so that they can do their part, away from the office, to maximize their recovery.In addition to doctor visits we outline for all of our patients a wellness program that includes Massage and that can be followed with very little time and just a little effort. This includes weight loss events, nutritional advice, exercise programs, stretches, and workshops all designed to apply the Five Essentials of Maximized Living in your life.

We have a model that works in the Vancouver Washington area and because of that we have a very reputable name in the area. The same system is applied to every patient who walks through our doors making sure nothing is missed in your Chiropractic Care Vancouver WA.

Our front office staff is well trained to answer any questions you might have and seek a doctor’s advice if they do not know it. You can rest assured that when you put your health in our hands you are trusting a chiropractic office that does not take that lightly. EXPECT V.I.P. TREATMENT!

  • Prevent future health problems & increased wellness
  • Lowered blood pressure & decreased stress levels
  • Eliminate neck and back pain & improve eye and ear function
  • Increased energy levels & increased mobility
  • Improved athletic performance & range of motion