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Massage Therapy near 98671

Where can I get muscle massage therapy near 98671?

Massage Therapy 98671 WA
When you aren’t feeling 100%, sometimes the cause is obvious. You may have a change in the workplace that gives you an extra workload, or you may have been the victim of a recent car accident. Or maybe it’s just summertime, and the kids haven’t gone back to school yet! But other times, the source isn’t so easy to pinpoint, meaning it’s hard to find relief. If you can’t seem to find anything that works for you, try massage therapy near 98671 from Yoder Chiropractic Center. With licensed massage therapists and the experienced chiropractor Dr. Yoder ready to help you out, we can help you get back to normal, or maybe even better!

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We want to help you feel better! Our chiropractic clinic can help you with back pain and more, including migraine relief, healthy eating tips, and vertigo treatment! 

What can I expect from a deep-tissue massage?

Deep-tissue massages work by getting the muscles to move that is deep within your body. Our licensed and trained massage therapists evaluate patients individually and create a custom massage plan based on their specific needs. Generally, this includes things such as:

  • Start by telling your massage therapist your recent accident history. It can help give them the best starting point right away.
  • Muscles you didn’t think would be affected could be feeling the effects as well. The massage will help pull these issues to the surface.
  • The deep tissue massage generally takes about 45 minutes. If you come multiple times a week, different muscle groups can get targeted on different days.

Ouch! Why does my massage hurt? Unlike a typical massage where the goal is relaxation, the primary purpose of deep-tissue massage therapy is to heal your muscles and their connections. Especially after an accident, your muscles may have inflammation, and it can take a decent amount of pressure to get to them, which can be painful if they are damaged. Over time, you’ll notice that this pain decreases with each visit as your body becomes fully healed.

I’m in Washougal. Why drive to you for massage therapy?Massage Therapy 98671 Washington

As one of the top-rated chiropractic centers in the Vancouver metro area, clients are pleased with our family-friendly environment and dedication to their well-being. With the experience and training to make adjustments on practically anybody, including pregnant women and infants, customers frequently combine chiropractic adjustments with massage therapy at our all-in-one wellness center. Nearly everyone comes out feeling better than when they came in! Call us to set-up an appointment or stop by during operating hours; we’re one of the few chiropractic clinics around that take walk-ins!

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