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Vancouver, Washington is situated on a beautiful location north of the Columbia River. Besides the panoramic views and riverside tourist attractions the Columbia River has to offer, Vancouver is also only an hour and a half ‘s drive to the coast. On the way there, drivers pass through multiple forested state parks that are gorgeous examples of old growth forest. Go an hour and a half north and you arrive at Mount St. Helen’s National Park where you can can watch videos about the most recent volcanic eruption at the visitor center as well as hike around and see both the destruction and the regrowth that has followed. On the south side of the Columbia River sits Portland, Oregon, one of the fastest growing cities in the country. All of this makes Vancouver, WA the perfect place to stage a sight-seeing vacation you and your family will remember!

A Little History

While Vancouver, BC is a larger city with a slightly larger tourist draw, Vancouver, Washington is actually older. The city was given it’s name a good 60 years before it’s northern counterpart. Both cities are named after the same founder, Captain George Vancouver, an English captain in the Royal Navy. Captain Vancouver made his mark by charting and exploring the northwest’s Pacific Coast.

Before all this “discovering” happened, the Chinook and Clickitat tribes were thriving in the region. The population before European contact has been estimated to have been around 80, 000. In the years between the first European contact in 1775 and the time Lewis and Clark arrived in the area in 1806, about half of the Native American population had already been decimated by small pox. Over the next five decades, other diseases previously unencountered by the local indigenous peoples took their populations down to as low as one hundred or less.

Vancouver, Washington The Hudson’s Bay Company set up Fort Vancouver in 1824, creating the first European settlement in the region. The fort, still a major historical attraction, was the headquarters for the local fur trade. In addition, it was also a large agricultural site. The food and supplies grown at the fort were needed to feed the large military presence along with their families as well as the many Native American and Italian prisoners it housed. For more than 150 years the fort served to push back and kill the local native population, clearing space for European and US settlers to move onto the land.


Getting to Know the Vancouver Area

In recent years, Vancouver has made major leaps in population growth. It has annexed surrounding communities that are now included in the city, such as Orchards, Hazel Dell, Salmon Creek, and Felida. The growth of Portland has had a large impact in the growth of all surrounding cities, Vancouver, WA being one of the largest among them.

While, of course, the Greater Northwest is known for its extended rainy season, it also has long beautiful summers where it doesn’t rain for many consecutive days. Another benefit the locals enjoy is the temperate climate. Snow days are few (an average of 2.7 per year) and so are the high-peaking days of summer heat. Most of the year the average highs range between 45 in the winter months and 75 in the summer, and average lows run between an average in the mid 30’s Nov-March to high 40s to low 50s the rest of the year.

However, if snow and sun are what you like, you are never too far from it. Heading east will lead you into the Cascade mountains where there is snow on the high elevation peaks year round and warmer, dryer weather in the lower elevations.

While there is beauty and fun in all directions, you do not need to leave Vancouver, WA to have a great time. Downtown Vancouver offers vibrant art galleries, diverse local restaurants with something for every foodie, independently-owned shops,  boutiques, antiques, farmer’s markets, sunset concerts, and more!

People who live in Vancouver enjoy the vibrant culture it has to offer as well as it’s easy proximity to so many surrounding attractions. Fort Vancouver is open to the public for families to come and learn the rich history of the area. This thriving city has many jobs and a growing development and commerce to offer its residents.

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