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Vancouver, Washington is a fast-growing, vivacious place to live, work, and enjoy. It has attractions both inside the city and surrounding it in every direction. As an added bonus for residents who work in Washington, you do not have to pay income tax. Vancouver has everything from golf courses, to breweries, to art walks, farmer’s markets, dogs parks, and, of course, the Columbia River. The question is really: What isn’t there to do in Vancouver?


Speaking of the Columbia River Gorge… This recreational wonder offers a spectacular sight-seeing adventure from many different angles! The river has fishing, sailing, kiteboarding, windsailing, and hiking, to name a few things to keep you busy. There are also some spectacular waterfalls, like the iconic Multnomah Falls. On the Oregon side of the gorge you can take in the amazing view from Vista House while on your way to some breathtaking hiking trails that include as many as 100 waterfalls along the way.

History and Culture

For history about the area there is no better place to start than For Vancouver National Park. Fort Vancouver was created as a place for fur traders to meet. It was started by the English-based company, Hudson Bay Company and eventually was co-managed by that company and US-based military. For more than 150 years this fort was a hub of trade and commerce. It was one of the first, and largest, employers in the region.

In addition to Fort Vancouver, the Clark County Historical Museum also has ongoing exhibits that showcase local history. These exhibits include archaeological finds, both ancient and historic, Native American artwork, historic information about the area, as well as contemporary art installation.

Beer and Wine

The Willamette Valley is a rich place to find local breweries and vineyards. Beer and wine tasting tours abound. There are also festivals to highlight the local artisinal beers and the year’s favorites from local winemakers. There is something for the astute aficionado as well as folks who want to learn about the different options the region has to offer.


There are many independent shops to show off both local and national styles and wares. Vancouver has everything from antique shops to charming boutiques, hand-made crafts, and more. The downtown area is a great place to spend a day window-shopping and poking in and out of the stores. From downtown it is a short walk “uptown” to the Uptown Village to find more local wares and locally-owned shops. The area sports restaurants and coffee shops all along the way to grab a bite and stay fueled up for all that walking.

If larger brand-named stores are more your speed, the Vancouver Mall has more than 120 stores to chose from as well as a large food court and an up-to-date luxury movie theater.

Family Fun

Cinetopia is a great place to get the family together for a movie extravaganza. It has both a casual and a fine dining restaurant where you can eat before the show, or you can order food to eat while taking in a movie on screens up to 80 feet with the latest digital projection and sound technology. They even have special birthday packages.

Visit Vancouver Washington

Just a Short Distance Away

You will find splendor within a short drive in any direction from Vancouver, WA. To the west you have the magnificent Pacific Coast, only an hour and a half’s drive. On the way, you can stop off at the Tillamook Cheese Factory and tour their operations, ending at the ice cream counter.

After hiking, kayaking, and crabbing at the coast (and then getting a nice night of sleep back in Vancouver), you can head north an hour and a half to visit Mount St. Helens National Park. There you can hike the volcano, see elk at the Forest Learning Center, explore Ape Caves, and tour by helicopter or horse.

To the south of Vancouver, just on the other side of the Columbia, you hit Portland, a vibrant and fast-growing city who prides itself on being “weird.” In Portland you can taste truly unique ice cream flavors at Salt and Straw and find the same type of oddities in doughnut selection at Voodoo Doughnuts. There are also many blocks with food carts to delight any pallet. You can check out crafts by local artists at the Saturday Market or head to one of the largest farmer’s markets in the region along the Park Blocks near PSU. Oh, and don’t forget to spend some time at Powell’s, one of the world’s largest independent book stores!

Heading east along the Gorge you will come to the Bridge of the Gods, a 4 mile expanse that is named after a natural land feature created by a landslide. Also in that area is the Bonneville Dam. On the Oregon side of the Gorge, to the east of Vancouver, is Hood River. Hood River is nestled at the foot of the Cascade Mountains. It has wine-tasting, miles and miles of orchards, lavender farms, restaurants offering up locally-grown specialties, and hiking and biking trails galore.

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