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Moving to Vancouver WA
If you are new to the Vancouver, Washington area or you are considering moving here, here are some of the highlights to look forward to. Vancouver has so much to offer everyone, from families, to lovers of the nightlight, to places for dog-lovers to get out with their four-legged friends. As a quickly growing city (currently growing at twice the rate of the national average), Vancouver is creating more and more jobs, parks, homes, and commerce.

The Stats

The 2014 census puts Vancouver’s population around 165,554. The median age is 36.4 and the median income is $50, 349 per household. The largest employers include PeaceHealth, Bonneville Power Administration, Evergreen Public Schools, and Vancouver Public Schools.


If you are wondering if it rains as much as people say, the answer is: Yes! But don’t worry, it is often more of a comfortable drizzle than a torrential downpour. Vancouver sees an average of 41.3 inches of rain each year. The trade off is a long (though delayed) summer and fall season. In addition, all that rain accounts for the abundance of greenery and a long growing season. People interested in backyard gardening, be it flowers or fruit, will bask in the many days of uninterrupted sun mixed with rain just in time to keep your garden healthy.

The area sees year-round temperate temperatures that keep it not-too-hot and not-too-cold most of the time. This moderate climate is another reason for the lush growth in and around the city.

Downtown and Nightlife Attractions

Downtown Vancouver has an uptown and a downtown section, each with unique local shops and eateries. This center of Vancouver makes for a vibrant scene both during the day and at night. You will find local breweries, lounges, nightclubs, and tequila bars to blow off steam and get your dance on. There is also a large list of happy hours to take in all over the city.

Art and Culture

Vancouver is a city that supports public art. There is everything from statues of the city’s namesake to artistic representations to honor the founding mothers placed throughout the city.  There are art walks in various neighborhoods where local artists can showcase their work, as well as special nights each month where the galleries offer a bite to eat and open their doors late for people to come through and see what is on display.Living in Vancouver WA

The Clark County Historical Museum, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, and the Three Days of Aloha festival are just a few of the ways you can take in culture around the city.


In addition to many highly rated public k-12 schools, Vancouver also has charter schools, and language emersion and other focus schools. There are also plenty of possibilities to continue with a secondary education, such as Clark County Community College and a Vancouver campus of Washington State University.

Local Feel

Vancouver, Washington maintains a smaller-town feel. You have Portland just to the south, on the other side of the Columbia River, if you want to get out for a larger-city experience, but you get to come home to a quiet neighborhood. Crime rates in Vancouver remain lower than its larger neighbor to the south and there is a clearer divide between residential and business sections of town. Houses are surrounded by other homes, rather than next door to a coffee shop or store. When you want that coffee shop, it is conveniently located with other stores and restaurants, so you can get more done in one location while you’re out.

No Income Tax

In addition to getting to skip the income tax if you live and work in Washington, the property tax in Vancouver is significantly lower than you will find in Portland. And, while home values are on the rise, the housing market is not as competitive and pricey as it is south of the Washington border. With all that extra savings you can get out more and see the sights!

Green Spaces

Vancouver is a city that preserves its green spaces. Besides the Columbia River running all along the north of the city and views of Mount Hood and Mount St Helens, you will also see greenery all around the city. There are a great many parks and a good effort made to maintain grassy areas, trees, and flowers even within the downtown and other shopping areas of town.

Legal Marijuana

Washington is one of the first states to go legal with private, recreational marijuana use. This may be a selling point for some and a reason to stay away for others. The good news is people who enjoy the privileged need to do it in a private residence and be at least 21 years old. People who do not want to deal with the smoke or smell in public don’t have to.

Laid Back, Less “Weird”

While Portland prides itself on being “weird,” it can also be competitive in the hipster sense. People are shamed for admitting they own a TV or not recycling every scrap of food in their backyard compost bin (there is a reason Portland has a TV showing poking fun at it). While Portlanders often make fun of their suburb to the south, Vancouver residents take life a little more at ease.

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